Epidemic Sound

Helping millions of voices heard with the power of engaging and actionable two-way communication & learning in large organizations and universities.

The role

Raghu joined Epidemic Sound as the first designer for the core product. He got to work on a variety of projects with different product teams including launching a new subscription for businesses, establishing the design system and most notably leading design for Kosmos — Epidemic Sound’s music/artist data infrastructure of 30k+ tracks and 90k+ sound effects, from an early idea to a full blown product with multiple cross functional teams actively working on it.

He also contributed to the UX prototyping efforts with our first rebrand, where he helped translate the established creative direction to an actual product interpretation. This helped bridge that gap between brand, experience design and engineering.


2018 — 2020




Linus Wahlstedt

Mikael Westman

Mikael Danielson

Andres Peyrou

Ella Nylén

Epidemic Rebrand — Some screen grabs of the translation of the creative directions with the constraints of the existing design system.

Kosmos Design system — A small subset of the already established product design system (PDS) catered towards data and form heavy internal tool.


Stockholm, Sweden