Raghu is an experienced Product Designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is deeply interested in design technologies and loves to design for technically challenging products. He does not shy away from writing code, and primarily uses prototyping as a way to express his thoughts.

He is currently helping users, all over the world, create beautiful and engaging presentations at Mentimeter.

In the past, he worked as a Product Designer for companies including Epidemic Sound, BrowserStack, and ClearTax. He also has been an active contributor to the open-source design scene.

You can get in touch with him via e-mail for specific case studies, to discuss ideas, inquiries, collaborations, or questions.

Featured Work

Majority of his work has a common theme of bringing systematic thinking from the front—end to the design craft. Raghu is a strong believer in using rich prototyping as a way to solve complex technical and business problems.


Epidemic Sound — Rebrand & Design System

During summer 2020, Epidemic Sound refreshed its brand identity to suit their refined purpose. This also gave them a chance to unify their overall brand experience and build a common design language that could be used across the company.

Raghu led the efforts from the UX prototyping standpoint that allowed his team to take quick decisions early in the creative process.

Linus Wahlstedt (Creative Director), Mikael Danielsson, Mikael Westman, Andres Peyrou, Ella Nylén


Epidemic Sound —  Future-proofing music production to help manage the entire music catalogue of 30.000+ sounds.

Epidemic Sound is one of the largest music providers to storytellers, streaming services, broadcasters, production companies, DSPs across the world with a catalog spanning over 30.000 tracks. Their music is heard in hundreds of millions of online videos daily, across millions of playlist streams, and in thousands of in-store locations.

At Epidemic Sound, Raghu led design for Kosmos, a product his team built ground up, to help scale and manage their music platform of 30000+ tracks and help find the right music that storytellers would want to use to soundtrack their videos. This product forms the backbone of Epidemic Sound's customer-facing platform as well as data infrastructure.

browserstack – 3

Browserstack — Redesigning the world's most used cross-browser testing platform

Browserstack is the world's most widely used cross-browser testing application with subscribers including Microsoft, Expedia, jQuery to name a few.

At Browserstack, Raghu helped ship the first BrowserStack re-design with an entirely new user experience for all our product offerings. He maintained the style guide and helped to conduct A / B tests across their pricing and landing pages.

Sagar Patil, Lokesh Khemani, Aaron Durham, 
Arun Pattnaik, Parag Nandi

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