Mentimeter is an Interactive Presentation Platform that transforms presentations, meetings, and lectures by turning passive audiences into engaged contributors. The product gives everyone a voice independent of how loudly they talk.

With COVID-19 and more workplaces adapting to a hybrid model, there has been a need to up the investment in the core product experience. As the designer for the core product area, majority of Raghu's work have had a common theme of levelling up the Mentimeter's core product. This has been achieved by lowering the editor surface complexity through fast and insights driven experiments in the short term while exploring the next generation editor in collaboration with the design craft and the leadership team, for the long term.

His responsibilities have also included levelling up the design craft with initiatives to level up the user awareness by continuous user research and setting up and driving contribution processes around the design system.


2021 — Present


Product Designer



Christopher Kittel
Jonas Flemisch
Mireia Bru
Petra Renström
Petri Määttä
Stephanie Flodman
Solmaz Khosravi
Tiago Almeida

Leveling up the editor product experience.

Collaborate on presentations — Helping multiple users create engaging & interactive presentations together, whenever they wish to.


Simple by default — Exploring a more contextual editor as a part of strategic initiatives in the core product.


Contextual adding slides — A major rehaul from the first flow to the updated second flow to the way users add slides to push the Mentimeter editor toward reduced surface complexity and being more contextual.


Fast-paced A/B tests — Leading numerous A/B test initiatives in the editor around the theme of reducing clutter and making the editor simple and easy to understand.


In-app product announcements — Helping design an in-app product announcement system to onboard users fast and impact feature adoption.

Leveling up the
design craft.


Continuous Research — Increasing user awareness of the core product domain by establishing a continuous user research practice resulting in deep user insights all while maintaining a short lead time.

Raghu Nayyar is a Stockholm-based Product Designer specializing in technologically challenging product experiences that stand the test of time.

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