Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is the largest music provider to individual storytellers and streaming services alike, with a catalog spanning over 30.000 tracks. Their music is heard in hundreds of millions of online videos daily, across millions of playlist streams, and in thousands of in-store locations.

Raghu led design efforts in the music platform team that powered the entire music catalog infrastructure for the consumer-facing discovery experience.

Epidemic Sound also went through a major rebrand where he contributed to help prototype the creative direction in a more product and real work setting.


2018 — 2021


Product Designer




Linus Wahlstedt 
Mikael Danielsson
Mikael Westman
Andres Peyrou
Ella Nylén


Product design principles — A set of design strategy pillars to help guide our rebrand in collaboration with Kurppa Hosk.


Design prototyping — In some of the UX prototyping efforts with the rebrand, wherein close collaboration with designers from the core-product & growth domain and the creative director, the creative direction was fine-tuned. This helped the design team visualize what worked and what didn't in the real-world setting.


Music Platform — Raghu also led design for a new product built ground up to manage all things music and artists before the music lands upon the customer-facing search experience.


Product Principles — A set of product principles that helped the platform domain transition 30.000+ track metadata to Kosmos. We directed our objectives toward either of the 3 themes.


Integrations — Partnering and integrating with Pibox as our primary music reviewing and versioning tool to help us focus on solving the right problems.

Note to the reader — Working with a scaling music platform involves working with sensitive music and company data to a large extent. The above screenshots have been randomised with data and the focus has been kept on the design process and less on the deliverables. Kosmos as of 2022, powers the entirety of Epidemic Sound music infrastructure with more than 2 autonomous product teams and data scientists working on it full time.

Raghu Nayyar is a Stockholm-based Product Designer specializing in technologically challenging product experiences that stand the test of time.

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