The question I get a lot, how many lenses do I own or what does my camera setup look like. These questions have become a bit too frequent after my recent trip to Hong Kong, which I documented on Instagram. So here is my full camera gear:

My main and only camera: Sony A7ii

I traded this camera for a Nikon 5500 I had previously simply because of how small and cheap it is while having a full frame sensor. Having a full frame camera allows me to take photos with a broader dynamic range when compared to a cropped sensor. A full frame camera also allows me to photograph a wider focal length, which is an aesthetic I go with.

A7II perfectly fits in my hand is very lightweight compared to my previously owned Nikon 5500.

My landscape photography lens - Sony 28mm f2 prime

I simply love the 28mm focal length, it is not too wide to give crazy distortion, nor too close to my eyes field of view (~50mm). Being f2, it is fantastic in low light and hence has been my go-to for capturing northern lights or landscapes with a wide field of view.

28mm to get the perfect view of the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

My street photography lens - Sony 50mm f1.8

Sony 50mm was the first lens I bought I have been using it for the longest duration of time. It is right now my favourite lens for the streets because it photographs roughly the same focal length that I see. It is also one of the cheapest lenses you can buy for any full frame camera (and is also called the nifty fifty) and is heavily versatile since it also opens wide at f1.8.

50mm for the times when you see something extraordinary and don't want it to look any different.

My telephoto and portrait lens - Sony 85mm f 1.8

Sony 85mm is the newest addition to my camera gear since I bought it during my recent visit to Hong Kong. It is incredibly sharp with a very creamy bokeh when it is wide open. I also use it for all my hikes to get close-ups of certain part of the landscapes.

Eric Berglund, during Swedish winter light.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I am trying to write more frequently these days so if you have any feedback you can send it to me on my twitter account.