Umb-VR-ela is an ongoing project at VIC Studio, KTH under the Advanced Graphics and Interactions Course. Umb-VR-ela is a game that suspends a user from space in Virtual Reality and while he is holding an umbrella in phyiscal space. The direction of motion of the umbrella guides the user down to the surface as he collects coins, boosters but avoids bombs.

The project is currently in heavy development and I will add more as we progress. Below is the poster we presented in Forskare Freidag while we tested the application on kids and gathered ton of feedback to make it even more awesome. So, stay tuned!

Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift)
Unreal Engine (Game Dynamics)
Maya (3d Modeling)
Art Direction

Poster Umb-vr-elaPoster Umb-vr-ela